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The global perspective.

The Society of Notaries of Queensland was formed in 1922. Members are, by definition, experienced Solicitors entitled to validate international legal matters. They have a global perspective on legal requirements and are holders of a unique office of trust. All Members of the Society provide a number of services, which you will find listed on this website. Queensland Notaries are appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury through the Court of Faculties in England.

For Members of the Society:

The Society, and this website, exist to support and promote the character, status and interests of Notaries in Queensland. This website is Notaries’ central contact point, and provides news and information of value, enables contact with current Society Office Bearers, and is the source of other important details for Society Members.

For Members of the public, Government and institutions:

The website is also designed to enable the location of the nearest Notary. It explains the services available, the scale of fees for those services, and gives information on foreign language requirements. It also provides answers to commonly asked questions, and has details on other essential matters.

Find your nearest Notary in Queensland

Locate the Notary nearest to you and the details you will need to contact them.

  • Notary name and location
  • Email address and phone number
  • Foreign language support

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