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Preparing for a meeting
with a Notary

It’s important to be prepared when meeting with a Notary Public.
What should you take to the appointment? Below is a useful checklist of important items to consider prior to your appointment.

  • First, do not expect to meet with a Notary without making an appointment.
  • The Notary may be able to give you, over the telephone, an idea of the fee to be charged, but until the Notary sees the document/s and matter in hand, it is often not possible to quote accurately.
  • Email the Notary (and take with you) the instructions and documents you may have received from overseas so that the Notary can try to ensure that your requirements for overseas are satisfied at the first visit.
  • If you require a certified copy of an original document, you must bring with you the original and the Notary will copy it to ensure it is an exact replica.
  • Ensure you have your papers in order, prepared and ready to sign. It is not the Notary’s function to complete your document, things like full name and address should be attended to beforehand. However, refrain from actually signing the document until you meet with your Notary who must physically witness your signature.
  • The Notary will need to be satisfied that you understand the document you are signing – if you do not understand the contents, you may need legal advice, either obtained first before the visit, or ask the Notary to provide this.
  • If you are able to send a copy of the required document to the Notary before your visit this will save time and probably expense.

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